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So, you want to be a paranormal investigator...

By Larry Lawson

You have watched all the shows, some three times over. You know the names of the equipment. You know the lingo. You even know all the cool places that paranormal teams go to investigate. There is only one problem. How do find a team or learn to investigate. Here are some thoughts before you begin your adventures.

Do some research into the history of the field. Find out what others have done in the past such as Ed and Lorraine Warren, Peter James, Hans Holzer Nicola Tesla. Learn about the equipment used in the field, the k-2 Meter, MEL Meter, REM Pods, Spirit Boxes and the like. Most of these items are easily researched on line. Gain a basic understanding of the theories of how they work and what they are meant to detect. Once you have an understanding of the history, theories and equipment of the paranormal research field, then you have to take a look at yourself. What are your goals and desires for the work? Is it the adrenaline rush of hearing the disembodied voice or the movement of an unexplained shadow? Are you wanting to search for the truth as to what exists after we die? Are you wanting to try and connect with someone who has passed and you miss terribly? None of these are wrong answers but it is something you need to ask yourself before you begin the quest. Be true to yourself and what your goals are. It’s the only way you will find satisfaction in this field.

How do you start investigating? Well, it is always best to connect with others who have experience in the field. Find a team whose philosophies and direction are the same as yours. If you connect with a team just to get involved and they don’t have the same visions and goals you do, it can be very uncomfortable. Once you find the right team, learn from them. Learn how to use equipment properly, learn the methods used to conduct an investigation and gain a better understanding of the field. Once you find the right group, it will open up a new world.

Finding a team can be difficult. Look for ones in your area. Make contact with them and ask about opportunities to investigate with them. Find out if there are possibilities of joining them. Many will say that they aren’t taking on new members but keep trying. Ask if there are public events that they conduct that you can join in on- it’s a great way for them to get to know you. If you do find a team that is willing to allow you to join, expect a probationary period or a training period before you are accepted in a member.

Most importantly, if this is what you want to do then don’t let the naysayers and critics stop you. Just do it!

See you on the other side!

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