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SEarching for the Most Haunted Location on the Treasure Coast

Do you know where the most haunted location is on the Historic Treasure Coast? If you do, then share with us this location and we will investigate it and determine this year's Most Haunted Location on the Treasure Coast. This is an opportunity to share this history with others and at the same time find out if some of this history still haunts us!

The Treasure Coast of Florida, which includes Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee counties, has a rich history that surprisingly few really know. 

If you have a haunted spot that you would like to be considered, please submit the location and where it is to Indian River Hauntings LLC and The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation.

There is NO FEE or other financial requirement to enter a location into this event. We only ask that the rules and obligations of this event are followed by all entrants and submissions. This must be a location that is considered haunted and includes information from verifiable sources!

The top ten submittals will be chosen by the Entry Committee of Indian River Hauntings/Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation. These chosen locations will then be investigated by members of Indian River Hauntings and the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation. From these investigations, the most haunted location of the Treasure Coast will be announced  during our Fellsmere Paranormal Event and Halloween Bash to be held at the Marsh Landing Restaurant in Fellsmere, Florida.

To enter your known haunted location, please fill out the adjacent form. Once your submission form has been submitted, you will receive verification from us. This will be followed with a status update as to whether your submission has been chosen to be investigated.

Locations that have been previously investigated by Indian River Hauntings/The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation or any other paranormal investigative teams are eligible.


Let us know where you think the Most Haunted location is on the Treasure Coast! Submit your location TODAY!

Submit your Location

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