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About FBPI

We do not charge ANY fees for our investigations, we do it as a service to those in need.

Check back often for newly uploaded paranormal evidence discovered by the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation.


Contact us if you've had any experiences that you feel need researched and explained, or places that are known to have paranormal activity.

In 2011 our group of educators and law enforcement professionals came together with a common interest, to investigate claims of the paranormal and search for the answers that have plagued mankind for centuries—Is there life after death?

To express our desire to conduct our investigations in the professional vein of a criminal investigation we adopted a name that reflected this goal; The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation also known as FBPI.

To accomplish this goal, members of the FBPI use the tried and true methods employed by both the law enforcement and the professional paranormal community to substantiate claims of the paranormal. It is our desire, not only to collect and evaluate evidence we uncover without emotion or preconceived opinions, but to prepare a case as if we were taking it to trial. It is with this desire for the truth that allows the FBPI to conduct investigations with the clear goal of seeking the truth, regardless of where it takes us

The Team

Larry Lawson- Founder/FBPI Director

Larry and his son Ryan Founded the Florida Bureau of paranormal Investigation in 2010 after an experience they had in the Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida. Larry, a career law enforcement officer and law enforcement educator, has long held an interest in seeking the answers to the paranormal since his first paranormal encounter working in the Dade County Jail in Miami, Florida in 1980. His vision for the FBPI and the paranormal investigation and research field is to create an environment where evidence can be collected, preserved, skeptically reviewed and presented to prove the existence of life beyond our current understanding. When Larry isn't investigating, he is watching Married with Children and Modern Family.


Ryan Lawson- Founding Member/Investigator

Ryan co-founded the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation along with his Father, Larry Lawson in 2010. An experience in the Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida inspired Ryan to continue searching for answers as to what exists after death. His skeptical nature and scientific and analytical mind gives the team balance in it’s investigations and review of the evidence. Ryan is currently attending The University of Central Florida where he plans to enter into the medical field in the future.

Evan Lawson- Founding Member/Investigator

Evan followed his brother into this field at the age of 11. He has proven to have an open mind that allows him to see and feel things others may not. He has had numerous experiences as a paranormal investigator and has had significant success in the use of Dowsing Rods during investigations.  Evan graduated form Indian River Charter High School and is studying engineering and Theater in college.

Michael Maxwell (AKA Spanky)- Lead Investigator/Investigative Experiments & Scene Safety

A retired career firefighter and training officer, Spanky became interested in unexplained events after attending Indian River Hauntings – A Dinner and a Ghost Hunt in early 2018. On investigations, Spanky uses his career experience to ensure scene safety is a priority by examining air quality, weather conditions, and soundness of a structure. He is most concerned about truthful documentation of investigations and structured investigative experiments to prove unexplained paranormal events. One of his favorite investigative tools are dowsing rods.

Sherri Cox - Investigator

Ever since the TV series, Project Blue Book, Sherri has been captivated by the unexplained. When she had an opportunity in 2011 to join American Ghost Adventures, she jumped quickly at the chance. Her combined interest in historical facts and haunted folklore gave her guests a fresh perspective to make up their own minds about the paranormal. 

One of Sherri’s favorite tools of the investigations are dowsing rods. She has had numerous sessions with rods from which supporting information has seemed to corroborate other recorded evidence. Now, as Case Manager for FBPI, Sherri researches potential venues for investigations for the team.  

Nikki Shrieves - Investigator/Social Media Director

A self-proclaimed skeptical believer, Nikki prefers to find answers and debunk most of what would be considered “unexplained”. It is only when no answer fits the question that she is comfortable with calling it paranormal. She has had several personal experiences and does truly think that the supernatural can exist. Nikki is the team tech and social media guru.

Tina Maxwell- Investigator
Tina has always been interested in the paranormal and, like many of us, has watched for many years the different paranormal shows on TV. She decided to take her husband and attend Indian River Hauntings – A Dinner and a Ghost Hunt in early 2018, and since that time, she has been eager to investigate the unknown. While being new to paranormal research, she brings fresh eyes and a positive attitude to the team.


Mark Holt - Investigator/Research Manager

A former skeptic, Mark is a fan of local history and enjoys doing research. He has had some enlightening experiences that made him a believer before joining the FBPI team. He enjoys doing EVP sessions and taking photographs. Mark is also a current Board Member of the Indian River County Historical Society. He has enjoyed many paranormal tours in both Saint Augustine FL and Savannah GA. before joining Indian River Hauntings. 

Valerie Holt - Investigator 

Valerie is a lifelong resident of Indian River County and an avid paranormal enthusiast. She has had an interest in the unknown since her teen years. Valerie has had paranormal experiences in both Vero Beach and in the Savannah GA area. She and her husband Mark discovered Indian River Hauntings about a year ago and quickly expressed an interest in joining FBPI. Valerie has developed an interest in many of the paranormal instruments used in investigations and looks forward to many more ghostly encounters. Valerie states that, thus far, she has no fear of the unexplained at all.

Tom Randazzo- Investigator/Videographer

Tom is a retired career Law Enforcement Officer.  He became involved with the Paranormal through his wife, Jill.  Tom and Jill attended an event with Indian River Hauntings and he became intrigued by the equipment used.  Tom is a skeptic and wants to witness anything paranormal  for himself.  He enjoys photography and video editing and does all of the editing for the Indian River Hauntings YouTube Channel. Tom is a football fanatic.

Jill Watson-Randazzo - Investigator

Jill's interest for the Paranormal all started at a Haunted Hotel in Florida.  She experienced an event that could not be explained away.  She then attended a Dinner & Ghost Hunt with Indian River Hauntings and was even more curious about the Paranormal.  Her two favorite tools for investigating are the Spirit Box and the Dowsing Rods.

Candace Drabeck - Investigator

Candace has been researching and investigating the paranormal since her first supernatural experience at just nine years old. Originally from New York, she is now living in Florida and became involved with FBPI through one of Indian River Hauntings' 'Dinner and A Ghost Hunt' events at the Marsh Landing restaurant in Fellsmere. She has investigated places such as Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Pennhurst State School & Hospital, and the battlefields of Gettysburg, in addition to Mansfield Reformatory and Eastern State Penitentiary with Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures. She is the team scribe and is well-versed at documenting the events that unfold during our investigations.  

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