The Paranormal Investigator

What is your motive to investigate or research? There is no wrong answer to this, just the inner search to determine your motives for investigating.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary an investigator is someone: “whose job it is to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc., in order to discover the truth.”

Taking this into consideration, it should be the nature of any investigator to search for the truth through evidence. A paranormal investigator and researcher must use standards that are accepted in the field to put their case together. This includes a systematic way of locating, collecting and preserving evidence.

This evidence then can be examined and compared with other evidence collected by the investigator, (or by other investigators conducting other investigations) in order to find commonalities (I will be discussing this concept in a future article).

The goal in this case is to find evidence, share with other investigators, and find the answer to question of is there life after death. Solving one of mankind’s greatest mysteries should the goal of the Paranormal Investigator.


Paranormal Stakeout

Lynda Quirino has been involved with the paranormal investigation and research field since 1982. Her experiences with ghosts and things otherworldly began when she was a very little child at the family cottage in the Laurentians in the province of Quebec. Lynda would see shadow people in her bedroom at the cottage which was built by her grandfather on an old Canadian Mountie station.

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