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2021 Investigations

Justin's Hair Salon

Feb 27 2021 Vero Beach

Vero Beach Magazine

Apr 21 2021 Vero Beach

Vero Beach Women's Club

Apr 29 2021 Vero Beach

Tangelo House

May 23 2021 Vero Beach

The Shanley Hotel/Hinsdale House/Wildwood Sanitarium

Jun 13 2021 New York

Halstrom House

Jul 3 2021 Vero Beach

Tripson House

Aug 8 2021 Vero Beach

Sun of a Witch

Aug 21 2021 Vero Beach

Marsh Landing

Sep 13 2021 Fellsmere

Heritage Center

Sep 17 2021 Vero Beach

Fellsmere Public Event

Oct 2 2021 Fellsmere

Capt Hiram's

Oct 29 2021 Vero Beach

Tangelo House

Oct 30 2021 Vero Beach

Theatre West End

Dec 10 2021 Sanford


Shanley Hotel, Hinsdale House, and Wildwood Sanitarium, New York
- June 2021


Our team headed up north to take on three top haunted locations in the country! The Shanley Hotel, Hinsdale House and the Wildwood Sanitarium.

These locations were certainly exciting and really helped hone our investigation skills. We want to thank Kelly Hammerling and Daniel Klaes for being incredible hosts. 

(photo credits: Nikki Shrieves)

The Crying Monk, Cocoa - Nov 2018

Our investigation occurred at The Crying Monk in Cocoa Village November 2018. Owners Cameron Brintle and Johnny Wiedmann invited FPBI out to checkout their new venue as there were several unexplained things going on during their renovation of this century old building.

(photo credits: Cameron Brintle and Sherri Cox)

Metro Vintage Mall, Cocoa - 2018

Owner, Jessica Rixey, asked FPBI to conduct an investigation of her antique mall in Cocoa Village as she was experiencing activity. The FBPI team went in to try and discover if this activity was connected to the early 1900 building or a possible ghostly attachment to one (or more) or the antiques housed in the Mall. 

(team photo credit: Jim Wilson)

We do not charge ANY fees for our investigations, we do it as a service to those in need.

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