International Bureau of Paranormal Investigation and Research

Mission Statement

IBPIR, nor its members, charge ANY fees for our investigations, we do it as a service to those in need.

It is the mission of the International Bureau of Paranormal Investigation and Research (IBPIR) to create and implement a level of standards and procedures that will elevate the field of paranormal research through the collection, analysis, preservation and sharing of evidence. Any evidence collected should be able to withstand the scrutiny of evidentiary techniques by any party or organization. This is the "Great Experiment."

Goals and Objectives

In order to realize the mission of the IBPIR, it is our goal to enlist the aid of other paranormal investigation and research specialists worldwide. It will be the objective of the IBPIR to find commonality in this collaborative effort in order to reveal the answer to the mystery of paranormal phenomenon. Ultimately, the research provided by our teams will be used to publish within the paranormal community.

Current Members



Membership to the International Bureau of Paranormal Research and Investigation is open to any team, group or individual who has a sincere desire to discover the answers to what creates paranormal phenomenon. There is a nominal yearly fee of $25 per group and $15 per individual to become a member of the IBPIR. This cost covers the following: IBPIR domain and website and administration/maintenance of website, as well as fees incurred for the storage of files (audio, video, etc). There are some costs associated with additional or advanced training as well as products that may be of interest to members.

All members must agree to adhere to the philosophies and protocols of the International Bureau of Paranormal Investigation and Research. This is necessary in order for there to be consistency in the collection, analysis and evaluation of evidence to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal world.


Team/Individual Requirements:

Teams/Individual investigators wanting to be a part of the Great Experiment are NOT required to change their team names, members or their identity as an organization.


IBPIR asks that they agree to abide by the protocols and standards set forth by the Administration of IBPIR. Those wishing to become members can come from any part of the USA or international community.


Teams/Individual investigators will be required to vet their own members. No team member may be currently involved in any type of illegal activity, have an identified addiction problem or other issues that could bring their integrity into question.


No team/individual investigator will be allowed to charge a fee for their investigative services.


Teams/Individual investigators can, and are encouraged, to share new ideas for the standards and protocols used by the IBPIR in order to continue the evolution of the investigation process.

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