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Fellsmere Walking Tour

Billy yes sir
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Captured 2018


IRH team member, Mark Holt captured this EVP in the auditorium of the Old School in Fellsmere.

Captured 2018


Dubbed "The Purple Lady", this picture was taken as a series of 3. Two of the pictures do not show this figure in the bathroom door. The third does. This was taken by an iPhone camera. Larry took the phone to law enforcement experts who verified this image was not altered or layered in any way.

Look closely to see chair rail appearing "through" the figure.


Vero Beachside Walking Tour

Captured December 23, 2016


Successive photos were taken at the same spot in Humiston Park, and  only this photo showed the mist anomaly.  We were not able to debunk this during the tour. Photo taken by guest Paul Smick.

Captured March 24, 2017


Unexplained dots of light appeared on the pant leg of guest Ms. B. Owen.  We were unable to duplicate that light with any other guest.  Nothing on her pant leg or the area could explain the anomaly.   This phenomenon did not occur with any other guest or investigator while they stood in the same area.  Photos taken by guest Susan Kessler.

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