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Paranormal FBI: Searching for Answers

(Originally published  in Portfolio Magazine Vero Beach Nov-Dec 2019)


You might say that my interest in the paranormal is the result of being a curious youngster who was always looking for the answers to the unknown questions. Whether it was aliens, bigfoot and other creatures, or myths of the unknown I was always trying to make sense of the stories that appeared on TV, movies, or in print. I guess that trait served me well as i embarked in a career in law enforcement that specialized in criminal investigations...

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Photography by Jim Wilson

The Paranormal Investigator

What is your motive to investigate or research? There is no wrong answer to this, just the inner search to determine your motives for investigating.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary an investigator is someone: “whose job it is to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc., in order to discover the truth.”

Taking this into consideration, it should be the nature of any investigator to search for the truth through evidence. A paranormal investigator and researcher must use standards that are accepted in the field to put their case together. This includes a systematic way of locating, collecting and preserving evidence.

This evidence then can be examined and compared with other evidence collected by the investigator, (or by other investigators conducting other investigations) in order to find commonalities (I will be discussing this concept in a future article).

The goal in this case is to find evidence, share with other investigators, and find the answer to question of is there life after death. Solving one of mankind’s greatest mysteries should the goal of the Paranormal Investigator.



Paranormal Activity Meets History on Indian River Hauntings Ghost Tours

Indian River Hauntings is highlighted in a TC Palm's story this month! Please click here to read this article  by Laurie K. Blandford. 

Explore Haunted Indian River County

Have you ever wondered if ghosts are real?  Have you ever wanted to find out what paranormal investigators really do?  Are you curious about the unknown history that exists in your town, and what unexplained occurrences happen within those historical buildings?

Join our staff of experienced tour guides and paranormal investigators as they lead you through the haunted history of Indian River County and the Treasure Coast of Florida on an exciting paranormal journey.Through walking tours with paranormal experts, you can explore haunted buildings and locations in Fellsmere, Vero Beach (beach side) and Sebastian, Florida

The Story Behind the Mel Meter

(Originally published on Living Life in Full Spectrum)


A lot of EMF detectors used in the field were not created for ‘ghost hunting’. They were usually created to find wiring or to measure the magnetic field to see if they were at risk. While nowadays new pieces of equipment are created specifically for the paranormal field, none is more popular or as well-known as the Mel Meter. What a lot of people don’t know, is the sad story behind the creation of this device.

Gary Galka who is the inventor of the Mel Meter is an electrical engineer who owns a company (DAS) that mainly develops test instruments which measure data. One fateful night September 24th 2004, Gary’s beloved daughter Melissa, was involved in a car accident where she sustained life threatening injuries. On September 28th, her family had to make the heart wrenching decision to take her off life support. She was only 17 years old.

Almost immediately, the family claims that Melissa affectionately known as Mel was trying to make her presence known in what they called ADC – after death communications. The TV would turn on by itself, lights would turn on and off and she would interfere with different electrical items within the house. They could smell her perfume and eventually they believed they could feel her hugging and kissing them.

After 6 months passed, Gary began researching into the paranormal. He read books and watched the television shows and tried his own EVP sessions. Melissa would talk through the recorder and they would compare the voice to her message bank on her phone which they kept open so they could hear her voice. It was around this time that Gary realised that at this time, there was no equipment which was specifically made for contacting spirits.

The Mel Meter 8704 was born. The Word Mel comes from Melissa his daughter who was born in ‘87’ and passed in ‘04’. It reads temperature and EMF with some versions also having a REM POD. Other equipment was eventually made and DAS is now one of the leading suppliers of paranormal equipment. Regardless of whether the Mel Meter is picking up ‘ghosts’ or electricity, you cannot argue that it is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the field today. It is actually also one of my personal favourites. For me it is showing me the data of what is happening in the room. Again, regardless of it temperature fluctuations and EMF spikes are paranormal or not, it is giving me the information in real time for me to interpret. I have validated many personal experiences with the Mel Meter. Usually it is me feeling a rush of energy and as I feel it, I can see the EMF reading go up and then go back down when it passes. It is validating that some kind of EMF is affecting me. It is up to me decide if that is paranormal or not depending on my surroundings.

One of the best things I like about this story is not just the tribute to his daughter, but the fact that Gary and his wife started helping with grief counselling for families who lose loved ones and he actually donates a portion of his profits to these organisations. He is giving back to the community in honour of his daughter. So, the next time you pick up your trusty Mel Meter 8704, take a minute to appreciate the love between Father and Daughter. There is actually an episode of Ghost Adventures back in the earlier days dedicated to Gary where they visit his home to hear this story and I have to say it is probably one of my favourite episodes. All he wants is to talk to his daughter and he is trying to help the paranormal field along the way.

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