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Which camp do you belong to?

(By Larry Lawson)

What is this thing we call the “paranormal”? The most common definition is occurrences that

defy common understanding or cannot be scientifically explained. With that, many feel that if it cannot be scientifically explained, it cannot exist. Others say they have experienced it in one form or another so it does exist even if we cannot explain it with science.

So, we have this debate between those that have an interest in the paranormal. I contend that the debate on what exists on the other side of reality is divided into three camps.

Camp One suggests that there is another world beyond ours after death and that many have experienced it. There is no denying it regardless whether or not we can prove it. This other world exists and it is around us all of the time, no question. They cannot provide scientifically accepted evidence of the existence of life after death and that’s ok. Camp One does not feel that scientific or physical evidence is a requirement to prove it. It’s like having religious faith, you can’t prove it but you know it exists.

Camp Two says it just isn’t real. As I like to describe it, Abraham Lincoln can appear before you, pull up a chair and begin to describe exactly what is going on with the other side. He gives you exact details. Despite this irrefutable appearance of Lincoln, a detailed description of life after death followed by his full view disappearance, those in Camp Two will not believe it. Regardless of any evidence put before them, they will claim it didn’t really happen and claim it was all scientifically or naturally explainable.

Then you have Camp Three. I would like to think this is where most who have an interest in the paranormal world stand. They know something exists that is beyond our intellectual grasp. They don’t refute that people from all walks of life, cultures, age groups, socioeconomic groups have legitimately experienced something that cannot be explained. They just want to find evidence that explains it. They are open minded about what they see and experience and are willing to listen to all possible explanations. They are willing to admit they do not have all the answers. The members of Camp Three search for answers, maybe not the answers they want, but the answers that are real, correct. That final answer may be hard or disappointing to hear but finding the truth can also be liberating.

It's ok to believe or not believe. But if you are part of this debate, which camp do you belong to?

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