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What is this thing we call "ghosts"?

by Larry Lawson, December 2021


What is this thing called the “paranormal”? Some say it is the presence of ghosts, spirits of those who were once alive. Some think it is the overactive imagination of folks who want to believe. There are those that believe we ourselves create the phenomenon from the as of the yet undiscovered powers of our own brain.

I submit the answer is even more simple yet more complex - We just don’t know. With the experiences of millions over the generations, it is difficult to say it’s nothing. Educated, well-adjusted people have claimed to have experiences that they cannot explain. So, what is this thing we call “ghosts”?

(photograph by Unknown)

The truth of the matter is with all of the paranormal investigations, all of the gadgets employed by paranormal investigative teams and all of the evidence that has been collected and observed, there are still no definitive answers. Why? Maybe we aren’t supposed to know. Maybe it really doesn’t exist. Then why do we keep getting hints that there is a world, a dimension that we ascend (or descend) to after we leave this existence?

We may never create the tools or the methods to answer this age-old question with a definitive, concrete answer. But for those who seek the answer we must carry on. Carry on by experimenting with different ideas, methods, and equipment to uncover the evidence of what we seek. We must carry on with an understanding that the truth may not be what we expect or even hoped for. We must carry on the search with our focus on the truth. This truth can only be reached if those seeking it search with integrity, honesty, dedication, and the understanding that we must go where the evidence takes us- even if it does not take us where we hoped or wanted to go. Regardless, we must carry on, we must seek the truth.

See you on the other side!

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